An MRI allows the physician to look at specific tissues that can not be seen with any other type of imaging. The MRI scan is safe, non-invasive, and is vastly preferred to exploratory surgery and other alternatives. However, approximately 10 percent of patients who undergo an MRI exam are unable to complete the procedure, with Magnacoustics they can. This has shown to be true time and time again and imaging sites are seeing the difference…


Memorial Sloan-Kettering

…”I did extensive research for this acquisition. I believe I can unqualifiedly say that no system being manufactured today could possibly be of any higher sound quality. …Patient acceptance is at a very high level and it can be truthfully said to be instrumental in the accomplishment and completion of some of the more difficult cases we have performed. [The Staff] all feel the integrated microphone system used for communicating to the patients is an extremely well designed and executed feature. We feel that your system by virtue of its performance has certainly sold itself. I am pleased with your follow through and the continued attention you pay to our account to assure your ongoing satisfaction.”

— John Morrissey, Manager/Special Procedures


State University of New York Health and Science Center At Brooklyn, Department of Radiology

The system which you have provided for us has tremendously enhanced our MRI operations. Patient surveys have noted a reduction in the claustrophobia pattern that we have incurred over the past four years. Our patients have demonstrated a more relaxed mood resulting in an improved through-put and more consistent quality MRI.”

— Paul Masotto, Radiology Administrator


University of San Diego, Medical Center

“After being a long standing company with another MRI stereo vendor, I wanted to thank you for providing us with MRI systems that exceed our expectations. The features and functionality of your system offers excellent sound quality and tools that help our MRI technologists effectively communicate with our patients. Our patients enjoy having the ability to control the volume and music selection along with minimizing the gradient noise from our high field MRI scanners. Having these features have reduced patient anxiety and improved the patient experience.”

— Glen Yoshitake, Director, Imagning Services

South Shore Imaging Associates

…”Patients return to our facility because they knew they would be able to listen to music to music during the scan. These patients have said that there was no way they could have tolerated the confinement of the machine without the calming effect of the music. A few  have even told us that they set up their testing here on the recommendation of friends who had been through the test with the use of your system. … Your system is as valuable an asset as some of our specialty coils. I can’t imagine working on a patient without it. As an operator, I can’t put enough emphasis on system’s ability to let you keep an open channel of communication with the patient during the pulsing of the gradients.”

Peter Monahan, Chief Technical Officer